The following is long (sorry!) but PLEASE read to the end.  The requirements for you as a client are NON-NEGOTIABLE until the spread of Covid19 is gone.

The goal is to keep everyone as safe as humanely possible, and we would rather do too much than do too little.


We are being very cautious. We have had a number of cases here in Whatcom County, and Washington State has been a hot spot. We don’t know when we be back to “normal” nor what that even means. 


There is an element of risk, even with all the precautions we are taking.  Catching the virus is about exposure AND time. During a massage, we are in each others’ space for the entirety of your appointment so exposure time is increased = risk is increased (for both parties)  It has been proven that many people are asymptomatic or sick but not yet showing symptoms- so we may be contagious and not have a clue. When you come in for an appointment, you agree to this increased risk and agree to hold harmless both myself (Lise Waugh) and the entire crew at The Metta Center in the event you do contract the virus.


What we are doing for you:

We have UV light sanitation lamps to clean the air at the end of the day and a UV sanitation box to sterilize your phone, credit cards, wallet (if you like during your session).  Lise also has a medical grade air filtration system in her treatment room. The room itself has no out inflow circulation keep the temperature more conducive to massage and this also helps reduce air disturbance which can lead to virus spread. The studio overall is more streamlined- we have removed fabric upholstered props, knick knacks and tapestries (heart wrenching changes).


Clean blankets will be used for each person in addition to the regular clean sheets. Laundry will be done each day. The massage table and Thai mat now have impermeable covers that are washed down after each session with a clean sheet applied for each person.


The soft fleece cover for face cradles have been removed  due to the lack of ability to properly clean.


Every possible surface in and around office cleaned after each client, with a detailed clean at the end of the day.  I am eliminating all cloth surfaces in order to be able to wipe everything.  Pillows are less plentiful, covered for washability and used linens will be kept in a separate container outside the room.

Massage therapists will be changing clothing between clients.


Due to all these modification, appointments will have more time in between (30 min instead of 15min) to allow more time for the added cleaning and reducing the amount of pre-post session chat. It is important that clients not gather in the entry, so scheduling will prevent crossing paths.


As before, hand washing takes place before and after each client and during Bowen sessions wash hands each time the therapist leaves the room. Gloves are available- and if you prefer we wear gloves when we see you, no worries. Your safety and comfort are important.

The Yoga room no longer contains props for you to borrow- you will need to bring your own. We have a limited number of prop kits available to purchase: $75 for lovingly used mat, blanket, bolster, strap and block. Must order in advance. Yoga students will arrive at the time their instructor indicates, enter directly from courtyard to Yoga room- do not mingle in the common area- that is the safe passage zone for both private sessions and group classes. No waiting here.


Your part of the process:

Arrive wearing a facial covering. You will keep it ON while you are here!

If you are immune compromised (or live with someone who is) but would still like a session PLEASE LET your practitioner KNOW!


DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY for your appointment.  If you arrive early, please wait in your car.  Text  upon arrival.


We need adequate time to clean everything and allow a few minutes to let the air settle before someone new comes in. We also would like to not have you waiting in the waiting room if we can avoid it. Again, text  when you arrive and and your practitioner will meet you at the door.


Please come straight from your home with clean clothes on.  Please DO NOT run errands or go to a crowded store before you come to the studio. This is important- to protect TMC and the guests that follow you.  If you are coming from work, please have a clean set of clothes you change into IN the restroom, and a plastic bag to store your clothing. Better yet- consider changing just before leaving work.

If you are sick, or suspect you might be getting sick, - DO NOT come in.  Same goes for if anyone in your household or anyone you are in close contact with is or feels even slightly sick, even if it NOT COVID. You will be charged for your session if we have to send you home based on symptoms you are aware of


If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, but are recovered, wait  30 Days after you are symptom free before you get a massage.  This is per WA Massage Board.


FACIAL COVERINGS- Every client needs to be wearing a mask- shields alone are not acceptable unless they are the type that are fully enclosed.   The mask stays on for the entire session.  If you do not have one, we can provide one. We have disposable masks available for free and handmade masks available for $10.

 Arrive wearing your mask and wear it after the session while we chat/pay/reschedule and you leave the building.

Regarding table massage/treatment sessions: the face cradle will have a pillowcase hanging down so that you can pull your mask down while you are face down.


You wear a mask to protect us, and we wear a mask to protect you.  Hopefully no-one who comes in is sick, but the reality is that many people are asymptomatic or haven’t yet developed symptoms.  My concern is not just me, I’m also considering the next person who is in the office (or someone the next day) It is much easier to contain everyones droplets at the source (you) than to filter them (me), and VICE VERSA.  


Masks are not negotiable. If you have COPD or Asthma, we can talk about treatment options.  Please provide a doctors note. 

Our goal is to attempt to mitigate all risk factors as much as possible. This is a learning process for all of us, and moving forward modifications will continue to be made, changes to be experienced.

Please be aware that if someone who has been in TMC develops COVID-19 symptoms, we will have to close at a moments notice and quarantine for at least 2 weeks. That means all clients in the next 2 weeks (at least) will be cancelled and all the clients who have been in the office in the past week will get a phone call to be informed.


If you develop any symptoms and have been at TMC in the past week or two please notify us as soon as possible. This is VERY IMPORTANT to help stop the spread.

Electronic intake forms & releases are required of all clients (think beginning again). Upon booking you will be sent the link- and you may complete it virtually or print and return. This is to minimize paper and reduce spread.


When you arrive at the The Metta Center:
1) Text your practitioner that you have arrived

2) Enter wearing your mask

3) Do NOT leave your shoes in the front (as in the past)- Yoga students go straight to the Yoga room where the cubbies now exist. Private session clients place their shoes in the cubby in the hall. Class participants: DO NOT enter the hall to the private treatment areas

4) Your temperature and *pulse ox will be taken at the front door.  

5) Immediately go back to the bathroom and wash your hands.


*If your levels are below 90, you will be asked to contact your physician and reschedule (normal is 94-100). Low oxygen levels can be an early sign that something is off, not just with COVID. Many people who are asymptomatic ARE having changes in their body but they don’t show up in perceptual ways.  There is strong evidence that people with COVID develop blood clots that then cause other problems such as stroke, pulmonary embolism or heart attack.  Better safe than sorry.


These procedures are not ideal, and they will not be forever.  The more we do today to limit the spread the sooner we can actually get back to “normal”.  


Thank you for your patience over the past few months, your support during this time and your willingness to adapt. 


One last thing- if you've gotten this far, please click the logo below to begin your TMC Intake questionnaire or download the attached pdf and bring it in with you to your appointment: 

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