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Thai Massage


Thai Massage as a system is referred to by many interchangeable names: Thai Bodywork, Thai Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, & Nuad Boran. Thai Massage is a branch of traditional Thai Medicine (used as umbrella term for all medicine of Thailand) which consists of five primary branches:

  • Internal medicine - Primarily the use of herbs and diet to promote health. Including Mid-Wifery

  • External medicine - All therapies applied to the external body including but not limited to:

    • Bone setting (indigenous chiropractic)

    • Thai cupping

    • Thai scraping (a practice similar to Chinese Gua Sha)

    • Thai massage techniques including compression, Thai acupressure, beating, passive stretching and focus on sen channels (pathways of movement in the body such as tendons, ligaments, nerves and circulatory vessels)

    • External application of herbs through the use of balms, liniments, compresses and poultices

    • Tok Sen (use of a mallet and to access sen, remove stagnation and improve movement potential)​

  • Spirit medicine - Use of amulets, incantations, sak yan tattooing and shamanistic involvement with spirits for the purpose of healing

  • Divination - Use of vedic astrologynumerologypalmistry and geomancy to determine health predisposition and remedial measures

  • Buddhism - seen as the mental health branch of Thai medicine.


Being a branch of traditional Thai Medicine, Thai Massage is steeped in traditional Thai Medical Theory. This system can restructure our body alignment, and like medical massage it can be used to treat acute traumatic injury. Unlike these western modalities, Thai Bodywork integrates a deep spiritual component based on Buddhism as medicine, and the idea that the mental, energetic, emotional and physical bodies are not separate.

As a treatment specific therapy, your session at The Metta Center may include the use of Tok Sen, scraping, cupping, & herbal compresses in addition to the standard methods of Thai Yoga Massage.

The traditional medicine of Thailand has evolved through the passing of knowledge over time, shared by Reusi's (ascetics),  ancient texts, indigenous family/folk practices, oral traditions and local texts handed down from teacher to student.  In that light and honoring the ancestors and lineage, Lise continues the tradition of teacher to student by offering Thai Massage education to those who seek her out on an individual basis.

If you are interested in beginning a private training experience with Lise, send her an email describing why you wish to learn and what your intentions are for practicing:

That is the first step.

Next step- dive deep.

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