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I know it's been a really long time since I've posted anything on this blog. Fact is- it's been a whirlwind.A constant wheel of change, I don't even know what to say! What could possibly be interesting or even helpful. Keeping up with the keeping up seems to be the theme. And here we are- 2022. Snowmageddon. Continuation of a hamster wheel of pandemonia. Holy Cow! So- what's happening at TMC? So much good. So much wonderful good. Lise and Sam are busy offering bodywork 5 day's/week. Each of us have been taking deeper study in modalities that really inspire us and serve our clients well. Lise is fully immersed in learning the Trager Approach to bodywork, which was developed by Milton Trager, MD. More than 6 months into this program, there are 6 more months to go! Sam is on an equally inspiring path- now studying Cranial Sacral Therapy and looking forward to sharing that with clients as well. Our clients are our most profound teachers, and through you we achieve a greater understanding about the human body/mind/spirit- which has informed us in ways far beyond measure. Thank you for showing up and allowing us to be with you on your own journey with health. Yoga Classes at TMC are pretty null. Lise has Monday mornings at 10. A small Yoga as therapy group. You are welcome to join. The monthly rate varies by how many class meetings there are: averaging $54/month or $18/class. Advanced registration required- but we do have space for you!

Now about this snow! It's really beautiful where I sit right now, but the rain is coming down. Freezing as it hits the ground. I hope you are finding some peace and gentleness as we move through the weather. Stay safe. Stay warm. Stay cozy. See you soon.

(The driveway today at Lise's farm)

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In the midst of all the chaos of the past year, shift keeps happening all around and within us. The intensities often produce anxiety as our nervous system is in a constant game of catch-as-catch-can... wrestling with all holds permitted. It's exhausting can be depressing, might be exhilarating. All the feelings are valid. Nature goes through these changes on a dynamic level daily too. Gazing at the sky can be ever so informative, even healing. Watching the sky go from one color to the next, and the patterns of the clouds- it is easy to attach human emotional attributes to the patterns we see above. I think that's quite alright, if that helps make sense of the situation, or gives comfort or perhaps amusement! I watched these clouds recently, while in the Mojave Desert. My first travels in many, many months (thank you pandemic). I had driven here to help my daughter move in to a new house, her husband a Marine stationed at Twentynine Palms. As I watched the setting sun quickly move from this intense pallet of red, orange, yellow to the more ominous and dark blue's, purples, black- I felt my body respond as if the intensity above was being pulled OUT of me. From me. That MY anxieties could be lifted as they were absorbed by the universe above and around. I felt energized and uplifted.

These changes took place in less than one minute. By the time I had my iPhone focused on the reds I had wanted to highlight, the darkness of night had descended. The sun had effectively set. Darkness in the desert, in an unfamiliar place meant it was time find my way to the house.

The moment we become attached to the notion that things are the way they are, things are actually different. Time to reexamine that notion. Keep your notions in motion! So, changes are happening at TMC now as well! We are opening up to classes and on that note would love to find some teachers who want to make our studio their extended home. Sole proprietors, self employed people managing their own business who are looking for a beautiful place to land.

I am offering MSTR® classes again, starting in March! Please find the MSTR® Certification tab and learn more about these offerings. We have One Day In Person classes AND Virtual one day classes- both provided the CE's LMT's might welcome, but also open for healthcare providers of other dimensions! As you view the sky, notice the movement- is it fast, is it slow, is it a combination? Whatever you see there, you can be certain it is happening there- right there in your own mobile hOMe. Your body/mind.Quick or slow, shift is for certain, always happening. With Metta, Lise (Lise and Sam have both been vaccinated with Moderna, for Covid19 and are taking clients while still following all the necessary precautions for your wellbeing as well as ours). #sunset #shifthappens #anxiety #healing #massagetherapy #yogatherapy #MSTR #mcloughlinscartissuerelease #Bellingham

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Seems like it was just yesterday when I gleefully announced that we were open for live classes and offering hybrid Yoga classes as well. Those hybrid classes (live in person while also zooming for those not coming in) were really fun! Just as I got the hang of it, we were shut down once more. Sigh. Now I realize how quickly time flew- it's been about a month since shutdown number 2 and we've been reeling the effects of financial ruin. Seriously. So- as our rental rates are going up and the zoom interest seems to be going down, I've increased my zoom capacity AND I'm upgrading the internet at the studio. I am going down fighting that's for sure! Just not ready to let go of the little studio that could. So, I'm the only teacher at The Metta Center now. A year ago there were 4, sometimes 5, teachers sharing our 877 sf Yoga room. Now it's just me, so the heat is off and the pipes are cold. But the internet will be strong and I'm going to burst into 2021 with a renewed zest at teaching virtual classes. SO- grab yourself a stability ball, get a yoga strap, pick up some blocks, blankets and a mat- and meet me Monday,s, Thursday's and possibly another day for some movement, Yoga therapy style. If you don't move it, you'll lose it. Right? We'll have fun and share some laughs. I mean it. So- please join me and check out the scheduler for class dates soon! Meanwhile- I've been collaborating with other local Yoga teachers and we are diving into a Week of Wellness, totally free for you this week: - Stay safe everyone! Wear your mask, wear your mask, wear your mask :)

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