Seems like it was just yesterday when I gleefully announced that we were open for live classes and offering hybrid Yoga classes as well. Those hybrid classes (live in person while also zooming for those not coming in) were really fun! Just as I got the hang of it, we were shut down once more. Sigh. Now I realize how quickly time flew- it's been about a month since shutdown number 2 and we've been reeling the effects of financial ruin. Seriously. So- as our rental rates are going up and the zoom interest seems to be going down, I've increased my zoom capacity AND I'm upgrading the internet at the studio. I am going down fighting that's for sure! Just not ready to let go of the little studio that could. So, I'm the only teacher at The Metta Center now. A year ago there were 4, sometimes 5, teachers sharing our 877 sf Yoga room. Now it's just me, so the heat is off and the pipes are cold. But the internet will be strong and I'm going to burst into 2021 with a renewed zest at teaching virtual classes. SO- grab yourself a stability ball, get a yoga strap, pick up some blocks, blankets and a mat- and meet me Monday,s, Thursday's and possibly another day for some movement, Yoga therapy style. If you don't move it, you'll lose it. Right? We'll have fun and share some laughs. I mean it. So- please join me and check out the scheduler for class dates soon! Meanwhile- I've been collaborating with other local Yoga teachers and we are diving into a Week of Wellness, totally free for you this week: - Stay safe everyone! Wear your mask, wear your mask, wear your mask :)

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Lise's Monday 10:00 am Zoom Yoga Class just went wild and is now officially a Hybrid Class- meaning, masked Yogi's are practicing in person, in sync with Zoomies from all over! While there is no limit to the number of participants who may join the Zoom side of the class, there is a limitation to how many may join in person. At present, with the protocols in place, it is possible we could allow for one more. Advance registration required.

Email Lise: and reference Monday Morning Gentle Yoga at 10:00 in the subject line. You will then be provided with the details.

Another exciting turn of events has Lise providing massage therapy in Birch Bay on Friday's!

Learn more about "Birch Bay Friday's with Lise"

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After so many months of not doing this, not doing that- we're now doing all of the things that we came here to do! Yoga classes, Massage Therapy, Continuing Education classes- these are the things! Of course, we are modifying much and staying COVID cautious- but it almost feels like normal now. Lise is teaching two classes/week in person and one class via Zoom. These Yoga classes are on the gentle side of the spectrum and the in person classes are limited to 5. MSTR® classes are also on the horizon- and following proper protocol for distancing and PPE, we are now able to offer LMT CE classes with a small group of 5 per government guidelines. SO- come on in for a session, sign up for a class. We are so excited to see you now!


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