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McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® 

Continue Your Education 

Teaching home of the

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique

Lise Waugh offers: One Day In person AND/OR Virtual Small Group classes 

for both humans and horses!  

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Teaching MSTR at Idaho State University.









MSTR® is a technique developed for for the purpose of treating scar tissue.
If you work with people, horses or dogs who do have scars- this course is for YOU

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The McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique ® (MSTR®) is an amazing advancement in the treatment of scar tissue and is changing people’s lives.

Lise Waugh, LMT C-IAYT,  is a member of the MSTR® International Instructor Team


Feedback from MSTR students


"MSTR has made a huge impact on my massage therapy practice! I took the one day course with Lise and learned more than I ever imagined I would learn and my clients are so happy!" ML

"Lise is a fun teacher, really knows her stuff and has a gentle and understanding way about her" JW

"As a physical therapist I am always looking for new ways to serve my clients. Learning MSTR from Lise has provided a great new tool and I find I am using it on all my post surgical clients." CKJ

"Excellent course. Really happy with the results I am getting with my clients. Thanks Lise" SL


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