Learn With Lise

Thai Massage~ An individualized course of study that begins at the beginning, a student apprentice grows at a pace suitable to their own schedule.  You will study with your teacher until the time you have shown an understanding of the Thai Medical Element Theory,  Thai based layers of the body (including 'Sen'), techniques and basic tools of the trade. The average apprentice spends 6 months in regular study, some take longer. You will become confident and skillful in the art of Thai Bodywork and have the opportunity to practice on and with others who have completed or are currently in the program. At the conclusion of this basic apprenticeship you will be versed in basic Thai Bodywork and eligible to continue taking on a more specialized course of study.


Interested? Email Lise at: lisethaiyoga@gmail.com and with your request provide a statement of interest (why you wish to take on this course of study, your background and intention for the future).

First 6 months or 50 hours (whichever comes first) of individualized study: $2500 

Ongoing training: $50/hour

Prerequisite: Receive a 2 hour Thai Massage from Lise

Requirements: show up early, never late, no late cancellations. Bring questions and notebook to each meeting, assist Thai Massage workshops held at The Metta Center. 



"Learning Thai Massage with Lise was a transformative experience. Was I intimidated to work one on one with my teacher? Yes. Was that part of the learning? Yes. Thai Massage requires presence. Presence first with yourself and then with your partner (some say “giver and receiver”  which is an oversimplification, but ok). So I showed up even though I had nerves. And I kept showing up as my confidence and reverence for the work blossomed. The way Lise taught me was at that same time old school and also very efficient. I was already a joyful receiver of Thai massage so maybe it made it easier for me to experience a sequence in my body and amazingly it was not difficult to then practice the sequence. Lise was a gentle guide, holding the practice with great respect and helping me to discover my way with it. The gifts I received studying with Lise are treasured blessings that I will continue to enjoy and share for the rest of my life. I access and use body learning that I did with Lise to bring ease to my body and my family on a daily basis. Thank you, Lise. 🙏❤️"~ Jennifer Hebert