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Yoga Therapy & Classes

Effective August 2023, Lise has retired from teaching Yoga.
To those of you who played a role in Yoga with Lise- THANK YOU! It's been a magical ride.
With great respect and love-   Namaste 


Lise Waugh 


Teaching movement therapy and Yoga since 1982.


"I recall teaching a class we called "dance stretch"  in a Southern California gym, when a new student asked "why is this class not called Yoga?- This is a Yoga class" it turns out, that woman knew someone who knew someone who convinced the gym owner into letting the class be named appropriately. That was 1991. I'd been teaching Yoga by other names due to judgement and misunderstanding.  Since that day, the yoking of body/mind/spirit has been aptly named on my teaching schedules at gyms, health clubs, and most certainly- Yoga Studios. Yoga is now commonplace in gyms... I like to think that I was a part of that evolution"

Today's Yoga with Lise is an eclectic blend that has evolved through years of study with:

Mukunda Tom Stiles
Saul David Raye

Lilias Folan

Doug Swenson

David Wells- Reusi Dat Ton


and inspired by the movement suggestions of Milton Trager's Mentastics approach.

The result- a flowing, gentle style of therapeutic Yoga to bring one to ease and awareness of your unique body/mind with laughter along the way. Live at TMC and via Zoom to students anywhere.  


Yoga with Lise is adjusted to the individual's unique structural needs and seeks ways to move and adapt harmony/balance. As an eclectic teacher,  this variable approach also incorporates 4 element theory and understandings of the chakra system.


"We are all beginners. There is so much more to learn, every moment, every day. Yoga is life.  We do not progress to 'advanced'. So check in with yourself, what's new with you today?"


Remember when we zoomed?! <3

Hybrid Yoga Class!

The practice of Yoga can alleviate pain, establish a balance of flexibility with strength of the body. When we dive deeper, we learn how to experience tranquility of the mind, how to balance our spirit life with our worldly life and to live the true purpose of our Soul.

Yoga is the experience of connecting with your truest self

Hands Clasped in Yoga Posture
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